The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

kissyourmarriagegoodbyeFor many men, the thinking is that they are the only one who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction. And while they know that this isn’t really true, they can’t help but feel isolated and alone in dealing with the condition. And for most men, talking to anyone about it is out of the question – they can’t bring themselves to talk to anyone about their problem, for fear of appearing weak or ‘unmanly’.

And that’s a problem, because talking to someone about your erectile dysfunction is not just a good idea, it might be critical to heading off more serious problems. And even if the cause of your erectile dysfunction isn’t serious, there’s no good reason for you to wait and hope it will ‘just go away’, because it most likely won’t. The longer you wait to get treatment, the longer you have to live with the problem. And when you consider that a simple regimen of Viagra or Sildenafil can make a world of difference for your condition, there’s no reason to wait.

The Primary Causes of erectile dysfunction

The first step to treating erectile dysfunction is to understand the causes behind it, so that you can talk to your doctor and pharmacist in an informed and educated way. Understanding the causes behind erectile dysfunction might also help you to flag potentially serious issues as well.

Most of the causes of erectile dysfunction are physical in nature. A study conducted but the University of Maryland Medical Center found that roughly 85 percent of all cases had physical causes. At the root of almost all the causes was a restriction of blood flow, resulting in loss of erection. We recommend this article for more detailed information about ED.

Matters of the Heart

Some causes of erectile dysfunction are related to heart conditions, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Heart disease

About half of all men with erectile dysfunction also have high blood pressure, so before you begin using Viagra / Sildenafil, you should check with your doctor to make sure you’re treating all of your issues, and that it’s safe for use.

Xxx Neon Logo For Men With Erectile DysfunctionHormonal Issues

Another common source of erectile dysfunction is caused by hormonal imbalances or a lack of hormone production. An example of this occurs when the pituitary gland begins to malfunction, creating excessive levels of the hormone prolactin in the body, which ultimately leads to erectile dysfunction.

Also related to hormonal imbalances like the one above is the condition commonly referred to as Low Testosterone Syndrome, or ‘low-T’. In this case, for a variety of reasons, Testosterone levels are abnormally low, leading to erectile dysfunction.


Various medications are also a commons source of erectile dysfunction. In those cases, the medications you take to fix one problem cause another. In fact, for many who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the root cause is high blood pressure, which leads to the use of blood pressure medication to treat the problem. But blood pressure medication can itself cause erectile dysfunction, putting you back to square one.

Sex ComedyTreating erectile dysfunction

For most cases of erectile dysfunction, the most effective treatment is with the use of medication specifically designed to treat the condition. Using Viagra or Sildenafil, for example, provides you with an excellent treatment for erectile dysfunction, and has been shown to be highly effective at treating the condition. Viagra / Sildenafil can be purchased online from online pharmacies such as, which ship directly to your location, and offer great prices and great customer service. Also, if you live in the UK or Europe, you can purchase the generic form of Viagra (Sildenafil) at a considerable discount.

Sex doesn’t have to just be a young man’s game

watchtvinsteadFor whatever reason, we’ve been brainwashed to believe that sex is pretty much a young man’s game.

And our bodies play a role in that brainwashing.

You see, once you start to fade out of the “prime of your life” (usually around your mid-30s to late 40s), our bodies start to betray us. Production of testosterone falls off of a cliff, we start to have to deal with problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction, and are short and long term health prospects do absolutely everything they can to hijack our activities in the bedroom.

It’s a pretty ugly scenario.

Combine that with the fact that pop culture, advertising, and most “conventional wisdom” would tell us that sex is for a couple of young, tanned up, good-looking young hotties and we find ourselves in a sticky situation.

But what if most of that (almost all of that) was nothing but a bunch of nonsense?

What if we never again had to settle for a bit of birthday sex of until about 55, when it all starts to taper off until we barely remember what it’s like to get a bit of action?

And what if that was a lot easier to do than most people would have ever imagined?

Well, saddle up.

You’re going to learn a couple of tips and tricks to make sure that sex never becomes a young man’s game for you right year.

More sleep equals better sex

Believe it or not, you’re going to want to spend a bit more time sleeping in your bed than you probably do right now if you want to get more action – just like you did when you were 25.

According to a bunch of research conducted in the last 20 years, the overwhelming majority of men all over the globe aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep as they should be. Studies have shown that most men get of about 5 to 6 hours of sleep every night, and much of that is “junk sleep” – the kind of sleep that leaves us feeling more tired and more worn out and if we had skipped sleep altogether!

This leads to a bunch of different problems (including erectile dysfunction and possibly even Alzheimer’s or dementia), and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Do whatever you have to in order to make sure that you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep. The more sleep you get, the more sex you’re going to be able to enjoy as you get older.

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of sildenafilYou’re hijacking your sex life with every burger that you eat

Well, it may not be perfectly true that every single burger you eat gets you less and less action, but the truth of the matter is most of us are eating a pretty terrible daily diet – and we are paying the price in the bedroom.

There’s a reason why those commercials for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other sildenafil-based prescription medications ask you to get medical clearance from your doctor that you are healthy enough for sex.

The food that we put into our body every single day is the fuel burned to keep us going. If you put junk in, you’re going to get jump production out – and run the risk of erectile dysfunction, or disease, cardiovascular issues, and ridiculously decreased stamina to the point where you aren’t even going to be able to have sex when you want to.

Clean up your diet as quickly as you can.

The only exercise you do shouldn’t involve your partner

For too many of us, the only exercise that we ever get involves walking from one side of the room to another and whenever we get a little bit of action with our partner.

Obviously, that’s just not going to cut the mustard.

Our lives are becoming more and more sedentary, and we are definitely paying the price because of it. You need to change up your daily routine as soon as possible to add at least 30 minutes of exercise (or even more, if your schedule allows) or you are going to look 50 and feel 80 faster than you ever thought possible.

Get comfortable with those little blue pills

Finally, if you are having any difficulty whatsoever “rising to the occasion” when the mood does strike, it’s critical that you get your hands on those little blue pills like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra as quickly as you can.

Speak to your doctor about your concerns with erectile dysfunctionand sildenafil-based medications at your earliest convenience, and see if they will “green light” you for a prescription.

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men over the age of 40, one that can’t be (usually) easily remedied with these modern miracles.

Don’t blow your chance to keep on having sex for the rest of your days just because you get a little bit gun-shy with the doc.

Choosing the Right Online Pharmacy for Your Erectile Dysfunction Medication

noneed2giveupIf you’ve made the decision to treat your erectile dysfunction, good for you. Only about a quarter of the men who suffer from it actually seek treatment, so if you’re one of the brave few, you should be proud of yourself. After all, erectile dysfunction is something that happens to most men at some point in their lives, with recent studies indicating that 70 percent of males experience erectile dysfunction at or before age 70.

And treating erectile dysfunction is something that’s relatively easily accomplished. In most cases, the causes are physical, and can be treated and even reversed.

For most patients, the most popular and effective method for treating erectile dysfunction is via oral medication, namely Viagra or its generic form, Sildenafil. Viagra / Sildenafil is the most effective erectile dysfunction medication on the market, and is used worldwide to treat male sexual dysfunction.

Obtaining Viagra / Sildenafil

Viagra is available worldwide. In addition, men in the UK have access to legal generic Viagra, called Sildenafil. In fact, you can buy Viagra online in the UK much cheaper Pfizer Viagra even though they are clinically the same. In fact, the UK’s generic sildenafil Viagra has to be the cheapest Viagra anywhere. This is just like generic ibuprofen you can buy over the counter – it’s much cheaper than Nurofen, even though (medically speaking) they’re the same thing and work in the same way.

If your doctor has cleared you for Viagra / Sildenafil, one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of obtaining it is via an online pharmacy. Online pharmacies are cost-effective and convenient ways to get all kinds of medications.

Sexual Health - Classroom BoardBut you there are some questions that any legitimate online pharmacy should be able to answer, before you decide to trust your time, privacy and money to them. Some of the questions you should be asking any online pharmacy include:

  • Is the pharmacy registered in the primary country in which they do business? If they’re not registered in the country where they do business, that should present a big red flag immediately.
  • Do they have a legitimate street address?If your online pharmacy doesn’t have a verifiable address, they may be a fly-by-night operation, or actually operating out of a country from which they’re able to sell counterfeit medications.
  • Does the pharmacy have registered doctors on staff? You can’t get Viagra or Sildenafil without a prescription, so a doctor’s consultation will be required. And besides, if you have any question at any point, it’s very convenient if there is a doctor already at hand to help you get those questions answered.
  • How do they treat your privacy and confidential information? Definitely one of the most critical questions to answer is, how well do they handle your confidential information and privacy? Are the transactions between you and the pharmacy secure? What do they do with your data, and how do they protect your information? If they can’t readily answer those questions, you should be very concerned.
  • Do the doctors specialize in erectile dysfunction or male sexual treatments specifically? It’s always best to work with doctors (and pharmacies) that specialize in the specific area that you’re trying to treat, because they’ll have a lot of experience in just the area in which you need help. If you’re lucky enough to find such a pharmacy, that’s a good thing.
  • How convenient is the pharmacy to work with?Security and specialization are very important in finding the right doctor and pharmacy. But there are also lesser criteria to evaluate, which may not be as critical but are still important. For example, how long with it take for you to get you Viagra / Sildenafil, once you’ve ordered it? And, will the online pharmacy make you pay extra for shipping? Things like that are important to understand.

These are all things to consider when looking for an online pharmacy to fill your Viagra / Sildenafil prescription. The important thing is that you’re doing something about your problem, and you should feel good about that. Now, all you need to do is place the order, and you’ll be doing just that much better.